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Trends change constantly and as such, your needs in furniture replacement can also vary. If your current decor is dated, old, or just needs a fresh new touch, it might be time to replace it, or at least add a few new pieces to bring your home back to a place that you’re comfortable and happy with, meeting both needs and preferences at the same time. Matching a trend is a great idea; however, allowing that to also offer comfort and functionality can be the icing on the cake. The good news is that the whole-package approach is much closer than you might have thought.

At Northwest Décor & TC Home Furnishings, our showrooms house a plethora of products that can help breathe fresh life into your home. Our extensive product line is backed up by associates who are professionals in the field and can quickly help you put together the look you’re hoping to achieve, answering any questions you might have about them as well. We enjoy serving customers all across Northwest Iowa and look forward to helping you.

Furniture should be as unique as you are

Choosing the perfect furniture should never be a mundane process. In fact, it should be an exciting time where you’re free to explore the exact look you’re hoping to portray in your home. Every homeowner is unique, with a specific style-set, and your home decor should certainly reflect that. Whether it’s picking the perfect dining room table and chairs, or an exotic looking sleigh bed, or even a chaise lounge placed in the perfect setting, your home should speak volumes about who you are as a person.
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Adding a personal touch to every room

In addition to the personal touch, you can also work from the desired feel you’d like to portray from room to room. Comfort should be a motif in the living room, while the kitchen should be a very energizing space. For every feel you want to create, there are specific hues, patterns, and textures that can help bring that to a living reality.

Having a centralized focal point can also help to pick the perfect furniture and decor. For instance, a specific couch that truly draws the eye can be complemented by the perfect wall art and lighting, whether it be lamps, track lighting, or overhead pieces. Even pillows can add character when paired with other pieces that draw everything together.