What is Berber carpet?

What is Berber carpet?

Berber carpeting got its name from the weaving style of the Berber tribe of North Africa and the Sahara. The ancient rugs were identified by distinctive knots, dye patterns, and textures.

Today’s Berbers are mainly characterized by their uncut looped construction, a style that looks somewhat similar to ancient knotting patterns. This floor covering is also identified by their light-colored backgrounds with flecks of brown or gray. As Berbers grew in popularity, the color palette included solids and multi-colors.

Where can Berbers be used?

It was once thought that Berbers were mainly appropriate for basements, family rooms, home offices, and rec rooms, but they look just as good in the living room and bedroom. Also, check out the Mohawk SmartStrand collection, which you'll find at our carpet store because the softer fibers work incredibly well in any atmosphere.

Durability for the heaviest foot traffic

Looped piles tend to be more durable than cut-piles, probably because they're left uncut. That makes Berbers stronger than other styles but makes sure you're comparing rugs of similar quality since results will otherwise be inaccurate.

Other advantages include

1. Cost: Although Berbers can be composed of other fibers such as nylon and wool, it is most often associated with the olefin (polypropylene) fiber. This budget-friendly fiber.
2. Stain resistance: The olefin fiber is hydrophobic, which doesn't absorb. That, combined with a protectant, makes it resistant to stains. Also, the rug's tight loops tend to keep spills sitting at the top, and the flecked pattern also hides dirt well.

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